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Android P Name, Features and all about Android P | Android 9.0 Launch in 2018

Android P Name, Features and all about Android P | Android 9.0 Launch in 2018

As always, Google this time will be also Launch next Android version Which will be Start with the Letter "p". The Last Version Android 8 (Android Oreo) is perform very well, but the expectation from Android P is so high because google has already working on Project p and soon they will launch The Beta Version of Android P.
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Android P will Something Different and more Upgrade From The Last Versions of Android, XDA Developers Share something interesting information about Android P, They Says, The three commits show that Google is now testing Android P on the Google Pixel (sailfish) and Google Pixel XL(marlin). The first one, titled “master is now P”, was just merged to the master branch tonight. In the changes made to the file, we can see the new platform code name and version.

All About Google Pixel and Pixel XL

android p

This is The code name is Android P as compared to Android O for the previous release. Furthermore, the platform version is PPR1 compared to OPR1, which follows Google’s new build number convention.

Android 9.0 is Master P, Master P is an open source platform Which have inbuilt various hidden and unlocked Features.

Here The next question are, What is The name of Android P (Android 9.0)

This is just an idea not the actual Results but maybe Android Select From One of These. As we know android always update Alphabetically and for Every Update Chooses a name of a Delicious Food Dishes.

the expectation is that Maybe Google will Select from one of these.

No 1 Pound Cake (Android P)

Pound Cake can prove to be a good option because Pancake is more similar from the previous version of the Android and it is a Sweet Delicious Dish and most popular in The World.and the main reason is, Poundcake shape are English Latter “P”. 

android p

No.2  Pastry (Android P)

Pastry is a common sweet snacks for everyone and also it is more popular. Pastry is a suitable name for The Android P. This is similar to Android’s Previous Version and Pastry is more Attractive word For Everybody.

Why Pastry could be next

  • Most Popular Sweet Snack
  • Pastry is the Reliable word For Version P
android p

NO.3  Pumpkin Pie (Android P)

Pumpkin Pie is also a good choice for the Android P. Pumpkin Pie has two times “P” so it is make a good effect on Branding. Branding is The Primary for Google, Why Pumpkin Pie could be Android p

  • There have two times Latter “P”
  • Before The Release of Android L, mostly people were thinking, The name of android L will be Lime Pie but the name is declared Lollipop, Maybe now google Will use Pumpkin Pie for Android P.
android p

These are The suitable options For The Android P. You May Comment and Tell me What Can be other name of Android P.

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